The training process for Quodoushka teachers requires an intimate and integrated knowledge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) path, as well as specific knowledge on sacred sexuality.  This is achieved through years of study and numerous supervised teaching experiences.  As part of their training, Quodoushka teachers also participate in hundreds of self-reflection ceremonies designed to foster maturity, deepen their connection with nature, and develop the skills needed to be effective teachers, facilitators, and guides.

The integrity and excellence of the Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality teachings and workshops are upheld by these teachers, each of whom has devoted decades to rigorous training and their own development in order to bring the beauty of these teachings to others.

Amara Charles

Amara is the author of several books, including The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. She has traveled teaching Quodoushka workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, reclaim the their sexual energy, and deepen their appreciation of life.

Both as a mentor and as a facilitator/trainer, Amara has helped many discover their hidden passions and find a more spiritually empowered approach to sexuality.




Barbara Butterfly Dreamer

Barbara has studied the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path since 1989 as an apprentice, a teacher and a ceremonialist. She has brought the teachings of this path to a international audience 1993.

Barbara’s gifts include working with women of all ages to understand and glean the richness of spirit of all the cycles of being a woman.




Ina Mlekush, M.A. M.F.C.C.

Ina has been a Quodoushka teacher since 1984 and a Marriage Counselor for Traditional and Alternative Lifestyles since 1985, focusing on spiritual sexuality solutions to resolve the frustrations of sexual dysfunctions and incompatibility, and to improve intimacy and communication skills.

Ina teaches men and women to rejoice in their differences to discover respectful caring ways to make agreements.



John Ardagh M.A.

John has been a practitioner of the spiritual arts for the past 40 years and a teacher on the Sweet Medicine Sundance path for the past 20 years. He blends his experience as a musician, teacher and psychotherapist together with his studies of Zen Buddhism, yoga, meditation, martial arts to form an insightful, unique and engaging way of teaching.

John brings humor and care in helping others to heal their pain and find their naturalness.



Karen Krauss

Karen attended her first Quodoushka in 1984 and was so inspired by this sacred knowledge that she devoted herself to training in the shamanic tradition of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  She has taught Quodoushka workshops since 1988.

Karen is motivated by the inner truth that freedom within one’s spiritual-sexuality sparks one’s passion for life. Her gift is assisting others to awaken their freedom and express their naturalness as a vibrant and alive being.



Kristin Viken

Kristin has been an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine SunDance path since 1989 and worked with Quodoushka teachings for many years. She is also an international authority leading Shamanic De-armoring programs across the USA, Canada, Australia and Norway.

Kristin inspires others to claim the beauty and strength of their individuality.


Muktananda (Mukee)  1952-2017

Mukee has been a Quodoushka teacher since 1991 and led these and other sexuality programs all over the world. In addition to her study of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, she drew on a foundation of traditional Tantra lineage and initiation since 1984 – the inner study of the patterns of creation.

Mukee’s commitment was to support the capacity of individuals to embrace and harness the power of sexual energy.