The Chuluaqui Quodoushka workshops are an education in spiritual sexuality designed to expand your awareness and help you better express your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy vibrant self.

Quodoushka workshops are a unique opportunity to:

  • gain spiritual sexual knowledge and tools
  • discover, explore, and strengthen your capacity for balanced, sensuous living
  • move beyond old beliefs to discover new potential
  • become more intimate, creative, spontaneous, and joyful with yourself and others

Quodoushka workshops create a sanctuary for exploration and learning through fun and play, dancing and drumming, laughter and challenge, knowledge and feelings. By bringing the best of who they already are, combined with a readiness to learn, explore, and discover more, participants gain a greater understanding of the phenomenal potential of the human experience.

There are currently four levels of Quodoushka workshops, with each building on the experience and knowledge of the previous level.

Where do I begin?

Quodoushka Workshop, Level I

Quodoushka Level I (also known as the QI) is the doorway into a new understanding of your sexual energy.  Teachings at this level guide you to awaken to your natural self, or to deepen the connection you’ve already established, supporting a healthy joyful expression of your sexuality.

Level I is a 3-day experience (typically Thursday evening through Sunday evening). By attending the QI (on your own, or with a partner) you can:

  • transform your attitude and relationship to pleasure
  • enjoy new ways of understanding your body, desire, and energy
  • release guilt, shame, or repression to better enjoy the power of now
  • learn how to have a more satisfying emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual life
  • improve your knowing of yourself, and through that your communication with yourself and with others
  • learn the Fire Breath, Chakra Merging, 5 levels and 5 types of orgasm and much more
  • increase your health and vibrancy though embracing and enhancing your sexual energy

Where do the teachings lead from there?

Quodoushka Workshop, Level II

QII fosters strong and healthy relationships through enhanced communication, appreciation, and enjoyment of ourselves and others.  This level addresses important differences between men and women while providing tools to engage these differences with honor and respect.

Quodoushka Workshop, Level III

The QIII is an introduction to the art of creating magic with your sexual energy, teaching you how to use your sexual life force energy to define and manifest the world you choose to create.

Quodoushka Workshop, Level IV

In the QIV, you learn to create your own sacred sexual ceremonies by aligning with water, earth, air, fire and the void; how to rejuvenate yourself at the cellular level for longevity; and how to best invest in the health, hope, happiness, humor and harmony of your daily life.