Interested in attending a Quodoushka Level I (QI) workshop? You may be wondering…

Can I attend a QI workshop if I don’t have a partner?

Yes. Many of our participants attend by themselves.

Are Quodoushka workshops ‘how to’ courses on sex?

No, although you will learn techniques that will heighten your sexual pleasure. In Quodoushka I the work is primarily with  inner self: you will be expanding your own natural potential to experience passion and joy.

Is sexual intercourse part of the workshop?

No. The focus of this workshop is on increasing your knowing of yourself.  We’ve found that refraining from intercourse helps to keep participants’ energy focused on their own growth.

Can I attend if I’m not heterosexual?

Absolutely. We’re not concerned with your sexual orientation; your willingness to learn and grow is what’s important.

I’m in a relationship that’s good – we trust each other and have a good sex life.  Is there a benefit to us in attending?

Definitely! There is no need to have a problem to attend a Q1.  All that’s required is the desire to learn and grow in a way that deepens your self respect and opens you to loving yourself and others more fully.

Other commonly asked questions…

Where does Quodoushka come from?

The Quodoushka teachings and workshops are part of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  Read more on our History page.

How can I find out more about Quodoushka?

Contact us with your questions – we’d be happy to hear from you.