How to Stay Sexually present without Shutting Down

– The Real reason why Quodoushka Works

Hi everyone,

Today Miriam kindly said I could share her words, which are just one example of the many messages I get from people, even years after they’ve attended a Quodoushka workshop.  

 “I will be forever grateful to you for your help to me in re-connecting deeply to my sexuality and sensuality again during the “Q” I attended in 2020. 

I had deeply shut down since my own illness and near-death together with the unexpected death of my beloved life partner and husband. I’ve been committed since to deepening my connection and having a fuller experience of my sexuality and thus to my basic life force and the spiritual dimension of life. 

I have found that when I feel more sexually alive, I feel more alive at all levels – 

physically, spiritually, intuitively- and am able to more easily and deeply connect and share energetically, especially with my beloveds who have left physical form. I feel very grateful and blessed… 

With love and my sincere gratitude, Miriam”

Wow. I wish I had a dime for every graduate who has said something just like this…because these are the kind of transformational healings that happen at every single Quodoushka event.   

How is this accomplished?

First, we co-create a safe place to reconnect with the acceptance of just being you. We call in all our ancestors, as well as old ‘stories’ that cause us to doubt the divine birthright of our sexuality. 

Then we have you ask yourself: 

“What sexual beliefs serve me and which are just nonsense that keep me from allowing myself to be happy?”  

As with everything in Quodoushka, YOU get to choose. 

Then we teach you the exact tools you need to gradually, and safely explore very simple ways to use your breath and your touch to connect with your own life force energy.

We guide you to get crystal clear about what you actually want, and what you don’t. 

We show you how to shed the shame of asking for what you want. 

And then you get to practice. You learn to create boundaries that work for you, so you can make good choices for your self.

You learn how to make sexual agreements in real time, with real people.

This is what makes Quodoushka so unique.

It’s why meeting with a group of people who are as committed as you are to getting unstuck from thorny sexual insecurities and doubts makes so much sense.

Where else can you get into the real nitty gritty of why you actually shut down, of exactly why you deny yourself from feeling pleasure?

Therapy? Counseling? Internet? 

You talk about what’s wrong, and you never get to what’s right about your own sexuality.

Quodoushka works because Quodoushka is a carefully crafted experience.

Whether it’s by being inspired from what I say in my book, or attending an event, you must put it into practice with real human beings.

Either way, Quodoushka takes you safely into real experiences where you get to see your past mistakes, and you get to decide:

 “Do I want to keep doing this?”

And you realize where you’ve held back because of conditioning, shame or the fear of getting hurt again. You get to yourself for where you said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to something because somebody else’s ideas were in your head, where you wanted to feel good, but something inside you says “no, I shouldn’t to that.”

Yes, I’ve written a book about Quodoushka, and yes, it’s the first time these practices have been widely released publically in writing. I’m deeply grateful to the elders of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path for giving me permission to publish this book because so many people urgently need to know our sexuality is natural, healthy and good. And they need to know this right now. 

And while I am happy Quodoushka teachings have helped so many bring light and compassion to a world of repression and darkness, I think there’s a reason the Quodoushka teachings were not written down and released until recently to the general public.

Quodoushka is not just a bunch of sexual information. It’s an experience.

It’s a shamanic guided experience into the depths of who you are and why you are here.

It’s about shifting your life from refusing and denying the energy you were designed to feel, 

Into being free to choose what you really want. 

None of this happens in the mind alone.   

And if what you want is to be fully present, and to physically feel sexual sensations, without piles of guilt, shame or the weight of past stories, then Quodoushka is for you.

II you want to touch and be touched and you want to feel great about it… If you want to be able to communicate, be real, and open your heart to let love in, then Quodoushka offers a profoundly safe and beautiful step-by-step path to experience the beauty of who you truly are.

In beauty,

Amara Charles

Lead Quodoushka Instructor